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The Clinical Trials industry is extremely important in order for medicine to advance and seek treatment for patients in the future. Without these trials, drugs or medical devices would not mature and eventually find a cure for most medical conditions.  Effective clinical trials have enabled new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease and improve the quality of life of many people with chronic illnesses.

The Clinical Trials and Innovation Exchange is a part of a series of events focused on the pharmaceutical industry that will serve as the hub for clinical trial executives to meet, share ideas, benchmark and discuss solutions to real world problems.  It will offer cutting-edge, interactive learning opportunities for pre-qualified practitioners to gain actionable insights and continue to improve the clinical trial process.

This exchange is designed for senior clinical and research executives who are responsible for leading the execution of sound clinical trials within the established costs, quality and time constraints. They are also responsible for driving operational excellence and building collaborative relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Being at the forefront of drug development and being innovative during the process are important issues that are on clinical trial executives’ minds.  Executives working within clinical trials have the opportunity to improve ways to productively produce studies that will be successful and meet important milestones. As clinical trials continue to be an essential part of developing medical treatments, executives in this field are pressed to find innovative solutions to recruit patients, meet regulations and use the appropriate technology to complete trials in a timely manner and avoid exceeding the designated budget.

This is accomplished, in part, by:

  • Developing patent engagement and partnerships
  • Understanding and capitalizing on new technologies and solutions
  • Being at the forefront of an industry and discovering  innovative ways of conducting trials

Contact us today to find out how you can join this dynamic executive level affair. I look forward to seeing you in September at the Exchange.

Warmest regards,
Cynthia Colón
Program Director

What distinguishes this event?

Clinical Trials & Innovation Exchange presents the opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. Clinical Trials & Innovation Exchange has the following distinguishing features:

  • BrainWeave® discussions
  • Exclusive senior level attendance
  • Strategic conference sessions
  • Customized itinerary
  • One-on-one business meetings

Testimonials from past attendees

“An amazing variety of presenters and subjects that really opened my eyes to new threats and solutions.” Network Operations Manager, Partnership for Strong Families
“It is great to see so many security leaders who are willing to share their approach to securing their companies. Everyone is eager to listen, learn and share advice on what works for them. The opportunity to peer like this is invaluable. It is well worth the time spent.” Global Security Strategist, John Deere
“The event was a success and you and your staff did an outstanding job in making sure that every convenience was available to us. The momentum stayed brisk and the networking was grand. I have made several connections and this experience will be shared with others.” IT & Safety Director, Reeves Import Motorcars

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